In August 2016, I moved back to Nairobi, Kenya after 12 years of living, studying and working around the world. I am so thrilled to be here until further notice.

Onwards! is a space to gather reflections, share insights, and seek help/advice from the universe on my ongoing passion projects. All views are my own, unless stated otherwise.

My passion project of the moment is a biography of my father “Our Unfinished Work: The Biography of Oki Ooko-Ombaka. What the life of a young Kenyan with an extraordinary commitment to making a difference in the world can tell us about our past, as we seek lessons for our future”The latest blog posts about the book are here, and my current asks of the universe are here (if you say it out loud, it must materialize, yes?).

For more general musings on my ‘always’ passions – growth, innovation and development in Africa – follow me @AmandlaOO on Twitter and at Second Story Africa.



Photo Credit: Tara Bhargava Sanon